My work initially is a document of the transformation of a landscape, whether this is the beauty of a plunging valley having been savagely ripped and carved by ice, leaving plucked rocks and rugged contours in its wake, or the layers of earth revealed by weathering and erosion. 

I strive to capture the natural light as it dramatically saturates the landscapes, casting shadows or softening the landscape during the late summer, all dusky, warm and slightly flushed.

My interest is in the natural earth and the impact it has on us. I am drawn to the landscape, it might be the way a cloud forms and hangs waif-like, lingering, soft and harmless or how it can suddenly transform to smother, encroaching overhead, ominous and menacing.

I am amazed by the desolation of snow capped mountains, frozen and chilling, to meandering rivers and ox-bow lakes created by river erosion. The influence of weather, climate and sudden changes in the landscape are what inspire me and I am constantly looking and trying to capture this in my work.


www.saatchiart.com/tabithawilson & www.londonart.co.uk


April 2014

I've never seen the Mona Lisa, a work in progress: The Foyer Gallery, Letchworth Arts Centre, www.letchwortharts.org

January - July 2014

London Art pop up gallery, East Dulwich www.londonart.co.uk/exhibition

May 2013

Broadway Cinema, Letchworth

January - July 2013

Copper Beech Gallery, Wymondley

July 2012

Summer Open Exhibition, Letchworth Arts Centre, www.letchwortharts.org

June 2012

By appointment only 20.06.12. St. Francis´ college, Broadway, Letchworth Garden City

May/June 2012

A Series of Landscapes: The Foyer Gallery, Letchworth Arts Centre, www.letchwortharts.org/node/931

November 2011

Open Studios, Letchworth Garden City

July, 2011

Summer Open Exhibition, Letchworth Arts Centre, www.letchwortharts.org


Artist in Residence, St. Francis´ College, Letchworth Garden City,